– Dagmar Maria Sarlin (Raekallio ent. Hagelberg)

12.01.1871 – 1947

Oopperalaulajatar, musiikinopettaja

Margaretha Charlotta Granberg (Sarlin) (22.09.1843 – 20.09.1886)

Johannes Raekallio ent. Hagelberg (25.08.1866 – 14.09.1936)
Ilmari Raekallio
Yrjö Edward Raekallio (04.09.1898 – 17.03.1988)

Lue lisää:
Dagmar Hagelberg-Raekallio: Kaiu Suomen laulu. Laulajattaren muistelmia. Helsinki 1934.


1 thought on “– Dagmar Maria Sarlin (Raekallio ent. Hagelberg)”

  1. My apologies for a comment in English, but I wished to say how useful your website has been as I write a brief account (for my own website) of the early performances of Mahler’s music in Finland. It appears that Dagmar Hagelberg-Raekallio was perhaps only the second Finnish singer to perform any of Mahler’s songs in public, and in 1908 performed Lob des hohen Verstands (in Finnish, as ’Käki ja satakieli’) on numerous occasions, and did so again in Budapest in 1910. I have just a few queries: a) did she make her own translations of the foreign language songs she included in her repertoire; b) does her copy of the Mahler song survive and c) do any programmes of her concerts survive?

    Paul Banks


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